Where I do some of my best scripture reading and thinking

Where I do some of my best scripture reading and thinking

In Blog by Kent Evans / January 03, 2017

When you want to dive into God’s Word, where do you go? Do you have a special place where you enjoy some quiet time?

While it’s not my only place, I enjoy reading scripture with a half-sweet-half-unsweet iced tea at a Chick-Fil-A. As the kids today say: It’s my jam!


Where do you like to do this? Or, maybe the question is, do you do this at all? Before we tackle that, let me acknowledge one thing.


An opposing viewpoint
Some would suggest I’m not serious about scripture reading unless I have a place in my house devoted to it. These folks have a special spot where they connect best with God. Maybe a specific chair, desk, or screened in porch.


I get where they’re coming from. I do enjoy some quiet times at my house. However, there are a few reasons this hasn’t become my singular scripture reading locale:


  • My wife and I have five sons between the ages of one and seventeen – most days, it’d be easier to find a unicorn around here than some “quiet time” (case in point: right now, I’m holed up in my basement this evening trying to finish this post…my five year old's lurking a few feet away, just waiting for a pause in key tapping before he pounces...)
  • Getting out of the house helps me to wake up all the way in the mornings – I've done research on this, and I've concluded that being awake dramatically increases reading comprehension, true story
  • If I’m home and the boys descend into a fight or fall down the steps, if I want to be an engaged Father, I think I must jump in and help – but, if I’m at a restaurant, I can ignore the strangers lining up for their chicken biscuits
  • If I want a refill on my tea some early morning at home, I must get up and make it myself (a ridiculous notion if ever there was one)

Freedom to the captives
I’ve just not succeeded in carving out a consistent spot in my home that works every morning. I’ve tried, but failed. My wife has this uncanny ability to focus from a chair perched in our living room with a hornets nest of boys and toys swarming around her. I cannot. Maybe you can relate?


Therefore, I choose to have quiet time off-site more often than on. It may be at a restaurant, coffee shop, or my office cube. I do this about four mornings each week. The other days, I might shoehorn in a quick reading wherever I happen to find myself.


I don’t think the where matters as much as the when. I just need to do it. Often.


And, that’s more to the point: regardless of the setting, are you regularly diving into the Bible? If not, what’s keeping you from it? Want me to send you a Google Map of the Chick-Fil-A nearest your house?


I hope you’re in God’s Word often. I hope it ministers to you like it does me. And, I hope you don’t feel guilty for wherever and however you find the time and place to do it.

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