The Loop > Hand-Picked News from June 2017

The Loop > Hand-Picked News from June 2017

In Ministry Updates, Blog, Events, Fatherhood Tools, News by Ryan Sanders, M. Div. / June 29, 2017

Welcome to The Loop, your inside track on what's happening at Manhood Journey. In this brief monthly post, we'll share a few hand-picked stories about the ministry. You'll find out what God's up to, learn about new products, hear testimonials, and get a peek at our prayer list.

It's Summer, finally. Aside from having to keep the kiddos busy, the sun (as a pale gentleman, I view the sun as the devil's tool for burning a man.) Oh, then there's the humidity where I live in the DC area. Aside from these things, I love me some Summer.

So you know where I stand on the important issues, here are a few of my favorite things about Summer:

  • corn on the cobb—or off the cobb—all corn is from God
  • grilled food is better than food that is not grilled
  • the iced doubleshot from Starbucks—like corn—is also the Lord's handiwork

You get the idea. The sun is bad. Corn, grilling, and iced espresso are good. Basically, Summer is awesome and I'm pumped.

Now, if June is any indication of MJ's epic summer, we're off to a great start. Here's a rundown of a few hand-picked things from June:

1. Kent speaks at Current Church in Texas >
Kent visited Current Church in Katy, Texas for Father's Day Weekend. The men's ministry weekend was called "Wise Guys" based on Kent's book. Kent and Pastor Darren walked guys through being a better husband, becoming an intentional father and raising the next generation of godly men.

I'm inspired by this quote from Kent's weekend in Texas.

"Dads, you are—biblically and statistically speaking—the primary shaper of your kids' spiritual choice. Don't wait for this to happen. LEAD and watch it happen." —Kent Evans

Nice work, Kent. And, thanks Current Church, for having us!

2. CBN interviews Kent about Wise Guys book > CBN interviewed Kent for a recent article titled Wise Guys You Can Trust and discussed all things mentoring and manhood. Get the book "Wise Guys" by Kent if you haven't already.

3. New partnership with Church Central > Church Central, the website for helping church leaders grow churches, partnered with Manhood Journey to have us as regular contributors. My first post is The 6 Dads in Your Church (and How You Can Help Them). Read it and share it with your church-leader friends.

4. Helpful series with The Old Schoolhouse > The Old Schoolhouse, the national family education magazine, asked MJ to write a series just for homeschool dads. The series is called How to be the Ultimate Homeschool Dad (login required) and is equal parts encouraging and challenging to homeschool dads. Any MJ blog readers who are homeschoolers, you'll want to read and share!

Prayer Points
Join us in praying about the following topics:

  • For wisdom in new partnerships—that we'd help more fathers and families.
  • That we'd hit our fundraising goals and add monthly donors.
  • For wisdom in going forward with Heart of Womanhood, our new studies focused on mothers & daughters. Stay tuned for more soon.

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