5 things you need to know for July 2018 [The Loop]

5 things you need to know for July 2018 [The Loop]

In Ministry Updates, Blog, News by Ryan Sanders, M. Div. / July 26, 2018

July's coming to a close. I know. Crazy. It's been as busy as ever around here. Let me catch you up on the five things you need to know about Manhood Journey for July 2018. Let's rock and roll.

#1 Dr. R. Albert Mohler to speak at MJ's Annual Ministry Event



For our annual ministry event in December, Dr. Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, is scheduled to give a major fatherhood address.  We can't wait to open registration. Well, we'll have to wait a little longer. But, stay tuned.


#2 MJ Field Guides are coming

You asked for help. Help is coming. We’re working hard on these brand new guides. We have ten (10)  guides in the works on the most-pressing topics you've said you need—topics like:

  • how to tell whether you're winning or losing as a dad
  • winning the battle between culture and your children
  • turning past failures into gospel opportunities
  • how to be intentional at home and in life
  • overcoming failure and regret as a father 
You get the idea—10 books! We’re releasing the content as early September—which is more than we’ve ever released at one time. Thanks, in large measure, to 10 gifted authors who invested their time and energy to help more dads like you. 

#3 Heart of Womanhood happenings

Your words encourage and give grace to press on in faith and worship. —Sandra

Yeah, that's just some of the feedback we've received from moms about the mother-daughter ministry of Heart of Womanhood. What have they been up to? A lot! Here's one of the latest pics 
 from Kim's Heart of Womanhood Workshop at the FCA Leadership Camp! Hundreds of teen girls wanting to grow and be challenged. Go Kim and go Heart of Womanhood!  


Lastly, Kim's Speaker Page is live and already receiving inquires! Kim's "Drawn to HIM" chalk ministry encouraged moms in Lexington and Louisville this month! Visit the fancy new page to get more details, read testimonials and get a better idea of all Kim is doing. Heck, watch this video to see Kim in action: 



#4 Top blog posts for July 

We keep churning out free, helpful, biblical content for dads! These are some of the newest posts. Be sure you’re sharing these posts with dads you know. Here are a few from this month—followed by feedback we received from a reader: 




This was exactly what I needed to read. Pointing me in the direction of reconnecting with my wife. Step by step. Wow. —J (on MJ's "Great marriage or cursed adultery" blog post)


#5 Stuff in the works

  • MJ Interviews > We’re recording some great audio content in the coming days that should release in 2019. Stay tuned, you may be called for an interview. Be ready. 
  • Father-Daughter Event > We're planning something special for February 2019. That's all we can say right now. Be ready!
  • Project: MANHOOD 2019 > #1 It's happening! #2 We're starting to plan. #3 Email me and I'll connect you to the right person if you'd like to join the planning/steering/execution team. We'll think of a better name for the team—promise.  

Thank you for following our July ministry updates. Now, let's go help more dads build godly men. 

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RyanHeadshot150Ryan Sanders is the Director of Outreach at Manhood Journey. Ryan is married to Tonia and they have three children. Ryan serves as Lay Pastor at McLean Bible Church in Washington, DC and is a diehard Redskins fan. Learn about Ryan here and find him on Twitter @RyanSanders.


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