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Spotlight: Jonathan Hayashi talks overcoming past failures and his Field Guide (Video)

Most dads tell us they deal with guilt over the past. You say things like, "I feel like a failure." I swear—this is where the devil lives. If he can make you think you're not good enough to teach your child—then BOOM—you're right where Satan wants you.   So, how can we overcome our past, all the...
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Spotlight on Run the Race movie (Video)

I love finding resources that help me enrich and educate my family. Occasionally, they come in the form of something I’m also delighted to support. This past weekend, I again enjoyed this one-two punch of a great film from a team of people I am thrilled to support.  
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Spotlight on Jarred Morgan and his Culture Wars Field Guide (Video)

We often hear from dads who say, "I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle between culture and my child." We get it. It can feel that way. It can feel like your kids and their friends—or the culture around them—have more influence than you do. Well, brothers, that ain't true. Don't believe it!   ...
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