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Parenting for persecution: An open letter to the church-going dad.

Note from Ryan Sanders: Tim Owen saw the note at the end of most of our guest posts and emailed me. He also did the godly thing and asked me to lunch at Chick-fil-a. Tim made the drive to me and we talked. I'm sharing this post with you because I found Tim to be the dad we want more of here at...
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Know when you're winning as a dad: 2 real-life examples to encourage you right now

Most church-goin' dads walk around feeling overwhelmed or worse, like failures. I admit, I'm a busy guy. I don't often stop and take note of the good things happening around me. I hear good stories all the time—but rarely share them. But last week, two things happened and I couldn't help but...
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Keeping Score: 7 no-fail ways to disciple your family this week

When I found out I was going to be a dad, I was filled with excitement about what the future held. I envisioned great hallmark-like-moments I would share with my unborn child. Well, if I’m honest with you, those weren’t the only feelings that filled me.   At times, waves of insecurity and...
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