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How much power do you need?

I’m a guy. I like tools. One of my biggest pleasures is using those tools to build furniture in my garage. A good Saturday involves pulling out multiple power tools and getting after it.  
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What game are you really playing?

What’s the most important thing you want to pass down to children? For most dads, the moment their wives break the life-changing news that a baby is on the way, they begin daydreaming about teaching their kid how to caste an open-face reel or how to throw the perfect spiral while being chased out...
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Should truth hurt?

We’re good at speaking our minds. Talking straight. Keepin’ it real. Telling it like it is. We’re bad at doing it with any sort of decorum. I blame social media. And I blame reality TV, which finds the more outspoken, outlandish characters, builds a show around them and presents us the new norm on...
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