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Common Ground: How to connect with your child like never before

 We all want to connect with our kids, but sometimes it’s difficult. They’re always on their electronics or we are too busy to pay attention. In this post, we’ll look at ways we can help focus our efforts, so we connect with our kids. As we explore this subject, I want to give you two words:...
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Anger's Antidote: How should we deal with anger as dads?

As I hung up the phone my blood was boiling. I needed a minute to calm down. I’d really let that upper-level-middle-manager have it as I expressed my discontent with their treatment of me as a valued customer.   As I think back on that moment, I have no idea what the issue was. I think it was my...
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What God's teaching me through my wife's broken leg?

It was a Monday morning.  I was down stairs sipping coffee, when I heard something tumble down the steps. I have four kids, so I’m used to this sound.   Then, I heard my wife calling for me. We thought she had only twisted her ankle, but with a trip to the Emergency Room, we found out it was in...
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