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Focused Father: How the godly dad can get intentional about sports

Sports! Now there’s something we can sink out teeth into! I mean, who doesn’t like to watch and talk about sports? Yes, I understand there are some guys who just aren’t into sports at all. That’s cool. But for the rest of us: SPORTS!   Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis or...
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Breaking Barriers: 6 strategies for more meaningful talks with your child

The more talks you have with your child, you’ll start to notice your own style. You’ll say some of the same things over and over. Shocker, I know! You'll notice you structure your conversations in similar ways or give some of the same advice. I want to give you six strategies to shape your unique...
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3 ways good dads help us understand God's love

I had a good father. Among other things, he taught me to fish, split wood and work hard. He believed in doing things well and would often say, “It is easier to do something right the first time than to explain why you didn’t.” He was part of a generation of men where women were the primary...
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