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What to do when you've blown it as a dad: the home-run apology.

It might be the first step of being a godly dad. You'll have to admit that you aren't perfect. To others, of course. But also, to yourself! That's where things gets tricky. : )   In order to "resist despair" we need to acknowledge when we've blown it. This post will help you with that. 
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How to climb out of failure: 3 people you should seek forgiveness from (Part 3 of 3)

Most dads say they are unsure where to begin and feel inadequate in setting the right example.    This is where you can learn to see God work in your life. If you're trying to be a godly dad—maybe you need to start with forgiving yourself.   To climb out of your failure, you need to seek...
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Special Father's Day Post: Calling all men

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re sending along a guest post from Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin. Governor Bevin has been a friend of this ministry since our founding. He and his sons have participated in a Manhood Journey group and he’s been a keynote speaker at our annual benefit dinner. You’ll...
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