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The deadly sin of envy and how to eliminate it from your life

The Bible describes envy as rot in the bones. All sin kills. But, the sin of envy will eat you up from the inside out. Let's look at the deadly sin of envy. In this post, we'll examine what the sin is, how it plays out in your life as a dad and how to eliminate it from your life.  
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The deadly sin of pride and how to eliminate it from your life

There's no greater time to be a sinner. You're one click away from more than your father ever had to deal with. The world is there for the taking. There's also no greater time to be a godly dad. Sure, sin lurks around every corner. But, wherever darkness is, God's grace is there too.   Let's look...
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Tactical Grace > How teaching your kids to be a team might save your life

The first call came just after noon from my brother David in California. He had spoken with our dad briefly but was alarmed by the disoriented tone in his voice. Knowing dad was traveling for work across Florida, our brother Jon immediately drove to the Baltimore airport and boarded the first...
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