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What to do when you've blown it as a dad: the home-run apology.

It might be the first step of being a godly dad. You'll have to admit that you aren't perfect. To others, of course. But also, to yourself! That's where things gets tricky. : )   In order to "resist despair" we need to acknowledge when we've blown it. This post will help you with that. 
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The surprisingly simple secret to prioritizing your time as a dad.

Dads tell us one of their biggest challenges is balancing their time as dads.   Whether you feel like you have trouble allocating limited time, don't feel like you have enough time each day, need more quality time or feel like you are running out of time—this post is for you.   
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The most life-changing thing a dad can do.

If you asked me, "What's the most life-changing thing you can do as a dad?" This would be it.  
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