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MJ Q&A: "I lost everything to porn, including my wife, and still find myself looking at women. What should I do?"

Words like this come to my email inbox all too frequently. To be honest, it's why I put my email in most of my posts. Sure, you won't click like, share or comment on a post about porn. But I see your clicks—and I read your emails.   Now, I've tweaked this readers' words for privacy. But, as I was...
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Everything you should know for June 2018 [The Loop]

We're already closing the books on June. I'm as shocked as you are. It's been busy around here, but I can see God at work. Let's catch up on the ministry of Manhood Journey for June 2018. Pray. Connect. Give. Let's go.
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And now, your friendly updates for May 2018 [The Loop]

Is May already over? Really? Whoa. Okay, well, no time to waste. Here's your updates on all things related to the ministry of Manhood Journey for May 2018. We'll give you the updates you need and along the way, let you know how you can being praying, connecting and giving to help the ministry help...
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