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Accept your influence

I don’t consider myself an expert in much of anything—except meatloaf. When it comes to meatloaf I have a pretty good track record. I’m not sure what makes one an expert, but I can say, without hesitation, I am one.   One thing I’ve realized about children is they are nothing like meatloaf—except...
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5 of my father failures

My passion is mentoring. I’ve mentored a group of eight guys around my dining room table every year since 2001 (I’ll save you the quick math, that’s 144 guys).    These mentoring groups lead me to start Radical Mentoring, a non-profit that encourages and equips mentors and churches to build...
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The most important part of your day

“This is it. It’s their only childhood. The three hours I’ll have with them until they go to bed are short. It’s go time.”    This is the pep talk I gave myself while I sat in my car—having just pulled into the garage. Work was tiring that day. People had been constantly popping into my office with...
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