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The deadly sin of gluttony and how to eliminate it from your life

Food has been with us since the start of time. God creates Adam and Eve and then they bicker over fruit from a tree. We see from Scripture—like all other sins—gluttony kills. In this post, I'll examine the sin of gluttony, how it plays out as a dad and how you can eliminate it.   
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The deadly sin of greed and how to eliminate it from your life

Workaholism is an acceptable sin in our day. We know corporate America loves greed. Things going well at work? Awesome, do 10 percent better next year. More, more, more—that is all.   But then, there’s Jesus. Jesus told a rich guy to sell all of his stuff and give it to the poor. So, what are we to...
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The deadly sin of sloth and how to eliminate it from your life

You would never call yourself lazy. But, would you call yourself intentional in all areas? Here's the deal: read this post. Why? Because sloth is about more than laziness. I'm convinced that sloth is the sin of comfort. It's as simple as the teen with a messy room and as complex as the workaholic...
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