Spotlight on Run the Race movie (Video)

Spotlight on Run the Race movie (Video)

In helpful tips, spotlight by Kent Evans / February 26, 2019
I love finding resources that help me enrich and educate my family. Occasionally, they come in the form of something I’m also delighted to support. This past weekend, I again enjoyed this one-two punch of a great film from a team of people I am thrilled to support.

The film is called Run the Race, and I would encourage you to see it. Men, women, teen kids…
It’s a story of two brothers who bond together when life hits them hard. I won’t ruin the movie for you, so I’ll just say that within it, there are themes connected to loss, anger, love, redemption and faith.
I’m no film critic, but, I’ve seen my share of movies, especially those in the “faith-based” space. And, if I’m honest, a lot of those movies I wrestle through because the point is so good. I’ll choke down the weak filmmaking just to get the nutritional value of the content. It’s the same reason I eat peas.
However, Run the Race wasn’t one of those films. I was dialed in the whole time, really connected with the actors, loved the soundtrack and enjoyed the experience.
Along the way, I snagged an armload of good talking points and concepts that the makers built into the movie. It was more like eating a Chick-Fil-A salad. Nutritious and delicious.
If you have older kids, or just want a great film to catch on a date night, go see Run the Race this week.

Want to learn more, watch this video for a quick review. 


Watch this trailer for a sneak peek: 

Full disclosure: I know one of the producers, he’s a good friend of mine. And, I love the team at Christian Healthcare Ministries, one of the supporting partners in the film’s release. So, I may be just a bit biased. However, neither my friend nor the folks at CHM asked me to write this post or compensated me in any way. Of course, they’re free to send me a gift card for this nice review, but that would be totally unrelated.
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kent-headshot-roundKent Evans is the Co-founder and Executive Director of  Manhood Journey. Kent's the author of Wise Guys: Unlocking Hidden Wisdom from the Men Around You. He and his wife April have five sons and live in Louisville, Kentucky. Follow him @akentevens.


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