How to win at work and home through practicing the sabbath. Yes, the sabbath.

How to win at work and home through practicing the sabbath. Yes, the sabbath.

In helpful tips, work-life, biblical fatherhood, field guides, power plant by Mike Lovato, M. Div. / May 21, 2019

Many dads tell us their biggest struggle is having enough energy to thrive after work.


One dad said it like this when asked his biggest struggle: "The work—parenting—marriage—me blend. I tend to let work creep in and burn me out."


Been there, done that—still living there—right?  



5 questions


QuestionHow do you practice the Sabbath?



In my last few posts, I've tried to connect some dots and be practical. The point has been to give you practical habits you can use in your life so you have the energy you need for both work and home.


We've talked about everything from hydration to physical activity and prayerLet's talk about the sixth vital habit. 


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Practice the Sabbath.


God instituted the very idea of rest at Creation. After He had spent six days creating all that there is, He rested. He set this up as a model for us to follow and later commanded it in the Ten Commandments.


The concept of practicing the Sabbath is the one commandment that Christians regularly break — and are even proud of breaking!


Someone asks you how you’re doing, and your automatic response is, “Busy. Very busy.”


We are addicted to activity. The Sabbath is the treatment for this addiction.


Some indicators you may need a better Sabbath habit:

  • You constantly feel like you’re moving too fast, but even your time off doesn’t recharge you.
  • You can’t go to sleep without noise and activity because your mind gets too loud in the quiet.
  • You find that church attendance feels like another item to check off your to-do list instead of a place to replenish in God’s presence with His people. 

The Bible commands us to take one day a week for rest and worship because it reminds us who is really in control.


When I slow down, I declare God runs the universe and I do not.   


When I slow down, I declare God runs the universe and I do not.


In fact, slowing down is a great way to think of the Sabbath. Slow your pace down as you move through your day of rest. This doesn’t mean you spend all day taking a nap.


Participate in activities that recharge you and don’t drain you. Be with people who fill you up. Soak in God’s Word and worship Him in freedom.


You can take a break. In fact, God commands you to weekly take a break.


Use the time to breathe in the reality of His goodness and to reflect on all the good things He’s given you in life.


You will be a more engaged, energized dad as you allow a day of rest to refresh your soul.


Parenting can be crazy. It’s not easy to be a dad. It’s downright terrifying at times. There is so much in this world that can drain you of energy, joy and passion. These are the very things your kids need from you. Learn to practice the sabbath and you'll learn how to have energy to thrive at work and at home. 


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Question: How do you practice the Sabbath? Tell us in the comments section below, tweet us @manhoodjourney or you can always email   


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