Your most-pressing questions for Project Manhood 2019 answered (Video)

Your most-pressing questions for Project Manhood 2019 answered (Video)

In Blog, Events, News by Ryan Sanders, M. Div. / May 02, 2019

We have over 100 folks registered so far for Project Manhood 2019. Awesome!


For those who have registered, this post may clarify some things. For those thinking about registering—keep reading—then register!


5 questions


We designed this event for you and your son. It's a chance to carve out 24 hours on May 17-18th at Country Lake Retreat Center to connect. 


Here are the details: 

      • What > Project: MANHOOD > the father and son retreat for building godly men.
      • When > Friday, May 17th at 5pm through Saturday, May 18th at 5pm
      • Where > Country Lake Retreat Center, Underwood, Indiana
      • How > Learn more and register at Project: MANHOOD 



Project: MANHOOD 2019 FAQ's 

Not sure you want to read this entire post -- hit the top questions by watching this video from our fearless founder, Kent Evans: 



I attended a previous Project: MANHOOD, should I attend this year?
Allow me to answer your question with a question. How many memorable camping retreats have you been on with your son since your last Project Manhood?


If your answer is 52. Then, fine, you're awesome and should be speaking at this event. But, the answer is still YES. Yes, you should register! : )


This is an epic time for you to connect with your son(s). If you already camp a lot with your son, nice. Keep up the good work. But where else can you get all the other things we have at Project: Manhood?


Do you often camp with your son and listen to talks from Aaron Harvie, Kevin Jones, Nyke Gatlin, Mark Hancock, Scot Long and Kent Evans? Huh?


I'm gonna assume the answer is a big fat no. Which is why you should register—and bring a dad-friend and one of your sons' friends.


What is Project: MANHOOD?

Project: MANHOOD is the father and son retreat for building godly men. It's gonna be epic. 


It's 24 hours of dads and sons having all kinds of fun, food and fellowship. From hiking and canoeing to just chillin' in a hammock, we have something for you and your son at this retreat.


Why you should attend Project: MANHOOD?

Because you'll learn a lot, be challenged, be encouraged, worship, hear the Word and you'll do all this while having fun. 


But most importantly, you'll build a memory with your son. You might even meet some new dad-friends. Read this link for 3 reasons why you shouldn't miss it

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Who's speaking at Project: MANHOOD?

We have a great lineup of speakers. If you're asking this question, great. I like where your head's at.


But, it means you must've missed this post.


What will I learn at this retreat?
You've already seen the speaker lineup. 


But, here are a few things you'll learn at this retreat:

  • Skills to connect with your son
  • How to help your son resist the pull of this world
  • How to get your son to open up and talk to you
  • How to gain your wife’s undying devotion and respect
  • Tips and tools for driving meaningful conversations

What’s the target age range for boys?
The target range for boys attending Project: MANHOOD is from 8 to 18 years old.


But, we’re flexible. We ask that you consider the activities the retreat center offers, and go from there.


If you have a rowdy 7 year old son, you decide. If you have a 20 year old, bring him. He may prove a great mentor to some younger boys.


There will be speakers who have important lessons to teach fathers and sons of various ages.


Use your best judgement. If you're still wondering after reading this, email me. 


Can I bring more than one boy?
No. If you have two or more sons, you're gonna have a decision to make. Which one do you love more?


Nah, seriously, yes, you CAN bring more than one boy! Do you have more than one son? Bring him! Do you have a nephew or neighbor you’re discipling? Pick him up!


There are some extra costs per boy. So pay attention when you’re registering. For example, there’s a maximum of four (4) guys to a room if you choose the Lodge option.


Will food and snacks be provided?
Yes, all meals and snacks are included at this event. There's dinner, snacks, breakfast, lunch and more snacks.


You won’t go hungry in the 24 hours you're there. We promise! If you do get hungry after all of the above, there's fish in the lake.


What if my family has allergies to certain foods?
Special diets can be accommodated. Please be sure to specify any allergies when you register.


What activities will be at the retreat and do they cost money?
There’s a ton of free activities. Literally, one ton of free stuff to do.


We took all of the free activities and we weighed them. Yep, 2,000 pounds. Check mark.


I've tried to list many things you can do at the retreat in this post


Where can you sleep at Project: MANHOOD?

Great question. I like how you think. I like sleeping myself. It's vital for a healthy, intentional disciple-r. You have options.


I cover sleeping in this post. But, in case you're too tired to click over (it's okay, you need more rest), you can get the gist below...


Whether you want to rough it, bunk up, or stay in a fancy lodge (like me), we have you covered. With three unique options, you can pick the setup and budget that fits you best while staying at Project: MANHOOD.


Just note, lodges may be booked full. So pay more attention to dorm and tent options.


Here's the three options for lodging:

  1. Tent > Father & Son $97 ($30 per extra boy) - you bring your own tent. There was confusion on this tent-thing last year. No confusion this year. You want to sleep in a tent? Awesome, you bring your tent? The registration fee is because you're sleeping on a nice plot of grass, hearing great speakers and sessions, eating dinner, breakfast and lunch and have access all of the fun and fellowship at this event. 
  2. Dorm > Father & Son $197 ($40 per extra boy, no limit)
  3. Lodge > Father & Son $297 ($50 per extra boy, limit four (4) to a room)



There you have it. You have all the answers to your most pressing questions about Project: MANHOOD 2019. You're welcome.
You probably only have one last question...How do I register? Answer: go here to register!




RyanHeadshot150.pngRyan Sanders is the Director of Outreach at Manhood Journey. He is married to Tonia and they have three children. He received the Master of Divinity from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is a Fellow at The Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Ryan serves as Lay Pastor at McLean Bible Church in Washington, DC and is a diehard Redskins fan. Learn about Ryan here, follow @RyanSanders, grab 7 Sins of a Disengaged Dad or the Field Guides for dads.


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