Project Manhood 2019 > Where can you sleep?

Project Manhood 2019 > Where can you sleep?

In Blog, Events, News by Ryan Sanders, M. Div. / April 11, 2019

I'm telling you, you have no idea how awesome this weekend is. We're approaching 100 attendees already—more than we've ever had by this time in the past. Praise God! One of the bigger questions we get—mostly from dads is—where can we sleep? Great question. I appreciate that question. In this post, we'll cover where you can sleep while you're enjoying Project Manhood. Let's do this.


Remember, this retreat weekend is created with you and your son in mind. We're helping you carve out 24 hours to connect with your son.


Here are the quick details:

      • What > Project: MANHOOD > the father and son retreat for building godly men.
      • When > Friday, May 17th through Saturday, May 18th
      • Where > Country Lake Retreat Center, Underwood, IN
      • How > Learn more and register at Project: MANHOOD  

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Where can you sleep at Project Manhood?

Great question. I like how you think. I plan to sleep as much as Kent will let me during this weekend. Here's the deal: You have options. Well, kind of. If you're wanting the lodge—that option is quickly running out. In the video below, Kent mentions having 10 lodge cabins open. Nope. We have maybe four left. So, you're three options are quickly becoming two. Read this post with that in mind. 


Whether you want to rough it, bunk up, or stay in a fancy lodge (me), we have you covered. With three unique options, you can pick the setup and budget that fits your needs best. 


Here's the three (3) options for lodging:

  1. Tent > Father & Son $97 ($30 per extra boy) - you bring your own tent. There was confusion on this tent-bringing thing in the past. No confusion this year. You want to sleep in a tent? Awesome, you bring your tent? The registration fee is for Country Lake to supply you with a nice bed of grass FOR YOUR OWN TENT, as well as hearing great speakers and sessions, eating dinner, breakfast, lunch, snacks and have access all of the fun, activities, fellowship and all other things Country Lake has to offer. Bathrooms are close by. Rule #1 of Project Manhood: You don't pee where you sleep. You're welcome. 
  2. Dorm > Father & Son $197 ($40 per extra boy, no limit). Bunk bed style. Great option. Showers and bathrooms close. You won't regret the dorms. #RainHappens
  3. Lodge > Father & Son $297 ($50 per extra boy)

Here's what I just typed above—laid out for you visual learners: 


Now, here's Kent Evans, Manhood Journey's fearless founder, to tell you more about lodging options—in case you hate reading and need video: 



There you have it. Now you know where you can sleep at Project Manhood. 


Here's what I ask that you do next: 

Step 1 > Register for this great event. 

Step 2 > Share this post with one friend. 


Watch the Project Manhood Trailer to learn more: 





 About the author > Ryan J. Sanders, M. Div. 

RyanHeadshot150.pngRyan Sanders is the Director of Outreach at Manhood Journey. He holds the Master of Divinity from The Southern Seminary, is a Fellow at The Colson Center for Christian Worldview and serves as a Lay Pastor at McLean Bible Church. He and his wife Tonia have three children, live in Washington, DC and are diehard Redskins fans. Learn about Ryan, follow @RyanSanders, grab 7 Sins of a Disengaged Dad and the Field Guides for dads.


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