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4 things you missed for August 2018 [The Loop]

August is over. I can't believe it! Odds are good between travel and school, y'all missed some things in August. Fret not, this post will catch you up. 
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You’re not alone in raising teenagers

Here’s a profound statement: raising teenagers is hard! That said, learning to program a computer is hard, too, but at least there are manuals to will help you learn how to program. Where do we go for help in raising teens? There’s not really a manual huh?  In this post, I'll try and help you not...
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7 types of busy dads and the idols of their hearts. Which dad are you?

Most of us dads are busy. I get it. Our sin is busyness. Said a different way—our sin might be workaholism. Here's the deal: Regardless of busyness, you are the shepherd for your family. Many will tell you, "You're good enough, you're smart enough, and darn it, people like you." I'm not here for...
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