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The secret of an escape artist

“How did they do that?” Even the most skeptical among us can occasionally be wowed by a magician’s illusion. We’re surprised by the unexpected. One of the most well-known and popular magicians of the last century was Harry Houdini. Houdini, who died October 31, 1926, started with the standard...
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4 things you should know for October. [The Loop 2018]

October is almost over. Who's already over the colder weather? Raise your hand, east coast folks like myself! Odds are you missed something this month. Let me catch you up on what God seems to be doing at MJ. 
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Wrong Enemy: There is an enemy. It's not who you think.

I’ll never forget the matter-of-fact-ness on her face. The utter lack of shock and surprise. Even doubt. This teenage African girl looked at us as certainly as one who knows the day of the week. She informed us the reason her sister’s baby had just passed away was because a witch had put a curse on...
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