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How to give your child the best shot at winning in this life and the next

I love articles like the one I just read. It’s about how Denver Nuggets guard Jamal Murray’s dad has been an instrumental part of Jamal’s basketball career. I enjoy reading about dads who are actively engaged in helping their sons and daughters become confident and accomplished. I mean, I run a...
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Toxic masculinity and biblical manhood: what they should and should not look like

I grew up in the 80’s on G.I. Joe, Rambo, and Indiana Jones Movies. I was taught if you got hurt just rub some dirt on it or walk it off. There are some great lessons that have served me well and some that have crippled me—and I’ve had to unlearn. Unfortunately, we seem to have attached this...
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Removing Doubt: 2 faulty fixes you should avoid at all cost

Whatever standard you’ve used to make yourself Father of the Year, you’ve probably fallen short. But don’t wallow in a pool of regret and self-pity; climb out and make things right. After all, you’re a man. You’re a dad. And what do dads do? We fix things!
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