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The madness of March 2019 [The Loop]

And just like that—boom—March is almost over! Here's your quick rundown of the madness that was March at Manhood Journey.
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5 key steps to overcoming your mistakes as a dad

“Man, I’ve really messed up. What’s wrong with me?! Why can’t I control myself? How come I keep making the same mistake?!” Do you recognize that voice? Any chance it could be your own?   I heard that persistent voice every time I messed up as a dad. No matter how big or small, I lived in...
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3 reasons why you shouldn't miss Project Manhood 2019 (Video)

We've already had a ton of registrations. Way more registrations than any previous year by this time! We're pumped to see you soon.  In case you haven't yet registered, here's three (3) reasons why you shouldn't miss this father-son retreat from our fearless founder, Kent Evans.
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