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25 ways to raise an angry child

You've met the curmudgeon haven't you? The older gent who seems to hate everything and everybody? There's not much sadder sight than this. How did the curmudgeon come to be? Nature or nurture? Sin or suffering? We can't judge too much.   But, here's what we can judge—ourselves—against God's Word....
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26 qualifications of biblical fatherhood

I recently had a church training assignment to review the qualifications of an overseer/elder/shepherd from Scripture. It immediately struck me these 26 qualifications are a vital standard from which we should try to lead our families. After all, 1 Timothy 3:5 says, "If anyone does not know how to...
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And now, your friendly updates for May 2018 [The Loop]

Is May already over? Really? Whoa. Okay, well, no time to waste. Here's your updates on all things related to the ministry of Manhood Journey for May 2018. We'll give you the updates you need and along the way, let you know how you can being praying, connecting and giving to help the ministry help...
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