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3 phrases the godly father says to his child

As fathers, we hold a special responsibility to lead our kids. It's our calling to lead well. Our words and actions carry weight.   In this post, we take a look into what God said to his own son, Jesus. The words God says are the words every kid longs to hear from their dad. What are those words?...
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The Loop > Get your Manhood Journey updates from January 2018

The Loop is your inside track on what's happening at Manhood Journey (MJ). In this post, we'll loop back through January and peek at what's coming soon. Man, did January already happen? Wow. Okay,  let's keep it movin'.
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School shooting at Marshall County High School and the pivotal point between despair and hope

Tragedy struck in Kentucky as the face of evil emerged in the murdering of two students at Marshall County High School and leaving more than a dozen shot and wounded—with some still in critical condition.   Unfortunately “active shooter” situations in schools are becoming commonplace, making some...
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