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Focused Father: How the godly dad can get intentional about health

Yes, it's the new year and you're probably thinking about physical health now more than ever. Great! We all know the importance of health and exercise. Most of us also know we should be intentional with our time and choices. Sometimes, with the balancing act of work and family responsibilities...
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9 questions to kickstart your 2019

I can't believe 2018 is over, but we have to move on to 2019. While you've probably made your list of goals for this year, maybe you haven't thought about your role as a dad yet. Here are nine questions you should ask yourself to start the year strong. 
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Quick rundown of 2018 [The Loop: December 2018]

December is almost over. While we're working on an "Official Recap of 2018" which will be awesome. But for now, here's some quick rundowns of monthly updates we call The Loop.
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