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Your most pressing questions for Project: MANHOOD 2018 answered

We've had lots of registrations for Project: MANHOOD 2018. Awesome! For those who have registered, this post may clarify some things. For those thinking about registering, keep reading!   Make this year the year you connect with your son like never before. In this post, we'll answer the...
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7 deadly sins of a disengaged dad and how to eliminate them from your life [Infographic]

We've talked about the seven deadly sins. We've discussed what the sin is, how it shows up in your life and how to eliminate it. In this post, we want to give you a memorable version of the solution. You can dive deeper with the links to previous posts and there's the full eBook to grab. But start...
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Get to know our awesome speakers for Project: MANHOOD 2018

For all those who have already registered—great! For those still thinking about registering—great! We have an epic lineup of speakers coming your way. In this post, we get to know the speakers coming to pour into you and your son for Project: MANHOOD 2018.
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