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Tactical Grace > How teaching your kids to be a team might save your life

The first call came just after noon from my brother David in California. He had spoken with our dad briefly but was alarmed by the disoriented tone in his voice. Knowing dad was traveling for work across Florida, our brother Jon immediately drove to the Baltimore airport and boarded the first...
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7 deadly sins of a disengaged dad

You may think Hollywood influences your child more than you. It doesn’t. Sports? Nope. The Kardashians? Well, maybe. Actually, nope. They don’t either. Not more than you. All of these may hold certain influence over minutes—even days—but over the long haul, you hold the biggest set of influence...
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The Good Father

I know you. You want to be a better dad. But you're exhausted trying to do it all. Could it be with all of your running around trying to be better—that you're doing it for the wrong reasons?   In this post, I'm suggesting yes. You could be trying to be a "better dad" for the wrong reasons. Your...
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