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The call to be an ordinary radical dad

It wasn’t a moment, it was a couple of years starting in 2016, God placed this stirring upon my heart. I remember feeling irritated from my own lack of making disciples in my home and in my church. I was frustrated at how we call programs and preaching discipleship as an end—instead of a part. It...
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Focused Father: How the godly dad can get intentional about education

Let's face it, the tendency is to leave school and education to mom. No one's gonna judge you. You're busy. But, the godly dad will see education as an area to be an example of godly living. Maybe you hear the leadership gurus talk about how "leaders are learners" and "how you can win at...
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Breaking Barriers: 3 questions to ask before a big talk with your child

“How was your day today?” “Fine.” “I mean, what did you do today?” “Oh, nothing.” Have you ever heard this script during mealtime, drive-time, bedtime or anytime in between?  
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