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The most important verse in the New Testament on biblical fatherhood

If you asked my kids, "Is your dad kind or angry?" Their honest answer would probably be, "Oh, our dad's great, except for in the mornings before school and nights before bed—during those times he gets a pitch fork and turns red." Now, I'm kidding a little. I mean, I haven't found a...
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Compare-nting 101: The problem with comparing our kids and how to fix it.

It starts at birth. Your child arrives and the comparing begins. The nurses and doctors eventually take the baby for necessary checkups and various tests. These ensure the child measures up to all of the health markers medical science offers.    Daily check-ups turn to weekly, then monthly, soon...
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Everything you should know for June 2018 [The Loop]

We're already closing the books on June. I'm as shocked as you are. It's been busy around here, but I can see God at work. Let's catch up on the ministry of Manhood Journey for June 2018. Pray. Connect. Give. Let's go.
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