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2 strange things you might have missed with Jesus' love of Judas

Evening time had settled in and Jesus sat around the table with his closest friends to share one final meal together. One last moment of normalcy before an angry mob lumbered its way into the garden to arrest him and set into motion the events that would quickly lead him to the cross.    While this...
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Should family come before church?

Ever do one of those “make-a-list-of-priorities” exercises? In church settings, they always start out the same: God Family Church The variation kicks in with #4 and beyond: some will list school, work, Tennessee football, Fido the family dog, tacos or who-knows-what. Can we go back to the first...
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Biblical fatherhood and the art of appreciation

I recently received a package in the mail. Out of the blue, I opened this cool box with a gift inside just for me. It was awesome to get something in the mail—that wasn’t junk or a bill! As I read the card inside, the first words caught my eye: “Thank you.”    Immediately, I was grateful. The gift...
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