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What are you teaching your child about worship?

We have a dangerous habit of making a worship service part of our weekly routine.  It’s easy to get up on Sunday morning, put on your church clothes and go through the motions of Sunday morning worship. In all reality, most of us are somewhere between the prostitute who worshipped at Jesus feet and...
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When I was your age: the art of understanding your teenager

“I don’t understand my kids.” That is an easy sentiment since the youth culture reinvents itself every few months. What jeans should I wear—loose or tight? What music is good? What word should I use to say something is cool? I can't keep up. 
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7 proven ways to grow and change (& teach your child to do the same)

Most dads tell us they struggle with leadership, communication and discipline. I know, the struggle is real. I'm preaching to myself in this post—and maybe you find something helpful. When it comes to the process of growth and change, how do we do it? Is there an actual process for fixing a...
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