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Miss Project Manhood 2019? Don't miss this must-see recap.

If you weren't able to attend our big father-son retreat this past weekend, this is your must-see recap. In this post, we'll cover the numbers, what dads had to say, highlight our speakers one more time, show you some pics from the weekend and ask you to pray for all who joined us.
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How to win at work and home through practicing the sabbath. Yes, the sabbath.

Many dads tell us their biggest struggle is having enough energy to thrive after work.   One dad said it like this when asked his biggest struggle: "The work—parenting—marriage—me blend. I tend to let work creep in and burn me out."   Been there, done that—still living there—right?    
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The most life-changing thing a dad can do.

If you asked me, "What's the most life-changing thing you can do as a dad?" This would be it.  
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