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So many god things happening [The Loop, June 2019]

Yes, I said "god things" not "good things". As we look back at June, here's your look under the hood of what's happening at Manhood Journey.  
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Why you always lose when you play the what/if game as a dad

We've talked the last few weeks about how to seek forgiveness from our children, from God and even ourselves.   Let's talk about one more bad habit that will keep you from moving beyond your regret and failure: The "what/if" game.   
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What to do when you've blown it as a dad: the home-run apology.

It might be the first step of being a godly dad. You'll have to admit that you aren't perfect. To others, of course. But also, to yourself! That's where things gets tricky. : )   In order to "resist despair" we need to acknowledge when we've blown it. This post will help you with that. 
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