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8 checkpoints of biblical fatherhood

In one way or another, many of you ask us, "How can I tell if I'm doing this whole fatherhood thing well or not?" In reviewing 2 Peter 1:5-7, I'm reminded that Scripture speaks. In this verse, it's about love and growth in the Christian life. Wait, that sounds boring. Let me try again. Second Peter...
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10 questions to ask when your child won't accept responsibility

I love my kids, y'all. Each one. But one of my daughters and dishes? Well, it's a struggle. Let me put it this way: The fall of man is prominent at The Sanders Home after dinner each evening. It all starts with, "Hey, have the dishes been cleaned?"    In this post, we'll look at one situation I...
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MJ Q&A: "I lost everything to porn, including my wife, and still find myself looking at women. What should I do?"

Words like this come to my email inbox all too frequently. To be honest, it's why I put my email in most of my posts. Sure, you won't click like, share or comment on a post about porn. But I see your clicks—and I read your emails.   Now, I've tweaked this readers' words for privacy. But, as I was...
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