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Give to Manhood Journey. Because our kids need shoes.

Okay, maybe our kids have shoes. But, we still need your help. Here's why.  
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Help, I'm a single mom to a son. Is Manhood Journey for me?

We often hear something like this from single moms, "Help, I'm a single mom of a son. I realize there's male influence he needs I can't provide. Unfortunately, his dad is not involved. Is Manhood Journey for me? Do you have any reading suggestions or helpful advice?"   My answer is yes and yes. I...
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Discipling my son sounds great. How long will it take? What do I need? How much will it cost?

I get it. The stuff we talk about here on the blog sounds great. But, you have questions. We hear you. In this post, I'll do my best to answer three of the questions we get often.   The  questions usually come at me in an email or by phone from a well-meaning dad who says something like this: "I...
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