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Why FIGHT NIGHT matters to you

I talked recently on this blog about what FIGHT NIGHT is, but why should it matter to you? In this post, I'll unpack why this partnership between Manhood Journey and the Middle School Ministry of Southeast Christian Church (SECC) in Louisville, KY is important—not only for dads in Louisville—but...
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The five vital principles for intentionally discipling your son

Based on our recent survey of you, our reader, your top three biggest challenges are that you battle feeling like a failure, you want to be more intentional, and you struggle with discipline and training. This post will help you start tackling all three of these challenges. Let's rock and roll.
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State of Biblical Fatherhood > Study Reveals Top 3 Challenges Christian Dads Face

We recently asked our readers – mostly Christian fathers – to help us learn about the biggest challenges they face as dads. We were humbled, heartbroken, and inspired by their responses. The insights we gained through their input seemed too valuable to keep to ourselves.
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