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The 3 P's of Leadership

Everybody's a leader these days. On social media, where "leadership gurus" abound, you simply say you're a leader—you don't have to actually ever lead anyone. It's safe to say the world views leadership differently than the Christian. I hope the Christian views leadership differently than the...
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Don't miss David Murphy, Chris Harper & Kent Evans at Father On Purpose > Dallas

We're pumped as Father On Purpose > Dallas is fast approaching! You still have time to register and share this fathers-only event. So, get to sharin'!   In this post, I share more about the great speakers and what you can expect to learn from this helpful event.  
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Announcing Heart of Womanhood > biblical resources for moms and daughters

Maybe you're wondering, "Why is Kent Evans of Manhood Journey blogging about mother-daughter bible studies?" Allow me to explain.   
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