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4 things you don't know about Manhood Journey, but should.

We've grown so many followers in the last few months, I realize many of you may not know what's at the core of the Manhood Journey experience. We're here to help dads build godly men. Here are four things you probably don't know about our ministry—that you should!  
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The Art of Stopping Time. Sort of.

I haven’t been a father very long. Nearly eight years. But the truth is, it even feels shorter than that. I swear it seems like two weeks ago I was struggling to figure out how to strap Kya, my first-born daughter, into her car seat as I slowly drove her home from the hospital for the first time....
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Don't miss out > Last chance to register for Project: MANHOOD 2018

This is it. Your last chance to register for Project: MANHOOD 2018. It's time to build godly men. We can't wait for you and your son to join us and connect in a way you have never before.  
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