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Being a godly dad is tough. Thankfully, you now have Field Guides. [Giveaway]

For years, we've been asking—and listening—to you. We've asked you "What's the single biggest challenge facing you right not?" And man, have you answered! With well over 2,000 responses, we've distilled your challenges into the top 10 most-pressing issues you face.    Welcome to the Manhood Journey...
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3 things you have to stop thinking and teaching your child today

“Daddy, I’ve never seen you sin.”    These were the words my oldest son said to me the other day when we were talking about sin.   This was actually a pretty normal conversation in our home. My wife and I are not afraid to speak to our sons and talk about sin—because we believe it is only when they...
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Can I do that part over again?

My golf game changed the day I learned about mulligans. And my golf game needed to change. For the uninitiated, a mulligan is a “gimme” in golf. If a player makes a bad shot, a mulligan is the chance to re-do that one shot. This little perk is great for social golfers (and really bad golfers like...
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